Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Thank heavens for global warming huh? It started snowing about two hours ago and if this keeps up for the next twenty-four hours like the weather people are predicting...we have big problems.

I don't mind the snow, but trying to re-arrange my schedule because Big Boy doesn't have school is starting to become troublesome. Hubby is staying home with him tomorrow so no problem there but A. I am not driving to Point in a blizzard. It just isn't worth it for me to risk my life driving to a thankless job. 2. WTH am I going to do on Thursday when school is canceled again, and I'm screwed?

I knew this was going to be an extremely stressful week. I had this feeling all last weekend and it has been nothing but one thing after another and I'm ready to just throw in the towel and go to bed. Ugh. I hate to bellyache about it but....ugh. Now I'll go lay in bed and stress over it.

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