Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Or does the Santa on the side of this page look a little creepy?  ------------------->

I'm trying to holiday up my blog and for some reason I'm just not finding a background I'm happy with and because I'm insane, I won't use the same one as last year.  I'll just keep looking and I'm sure I'll eventually come across something I like.  You would think this was a matter of life or death the way I get so involved.  Yeah.  I have issues.

I also realized that  by the time this is read by anyone, I will have already changed from the background in question and then no on will have any idea what the hell I'm prattling on about.  Issues, I gotz em.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Adam Lambert,

You are just about the worst.   Please go away.   Please.


I have quite a few favorite sites but People Of Walmart just may be the funniest yet scariest dose of reality you will ever view on the interwebz.   If you have a facebook account I highly recommend becoming a fan.  


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yeah I know, I'm a slacker.  I guess I just haven't had all that much to say lately.  I would really love to see New Moon at some point this weekend but I just don't see it happening and other than that, I'm getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner next week and working my butt off.

Good times I tell ya, good times.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Think There Was Gold?

I have to admit I had no idea just how bad the storm we had a few weeks ago was until I drove around and scoped out the damage.  I'll post some of those pictures in a bit but it was so cool to see this rainbow after what felt like a year or wind and rain.I have to admit I had no idea just how bad the storm we had a few weeks ago was until I drove around and scoped out the damage.  I'll post some of those pictures in a bit but it was so cool to see this rainbow after what felt like a year or wind and rain.  The second and third picture was taken around the block from me at the Community house.  That place is the best.  We had Big Boy's first birthday party there and his christening reception.   I have a bunch more to add but unfortunaltly it's late (as usual) and I should head to bed or else I'll be even more of a charmer than I usually am at work tomorrow.

I do have a great picture to put up though.   It's of a Seaside Park Emergency vehicle getting stuck on the beach during a first aid call because the driver didn't think he needed to let the air out of his tires.  Fantastic!  Be back tomorrow!

Friday, November 6, 2009

So Very Cool!

I know this site has been around for quite some time but I'm only checking it out now so please excuse me for being a bit behind.  Anyway, I kept hearing people talk about the website Skype and how great it was to talk long distance (for free!) using your webcam.  I figured it had to be such a pain in the butt that it wouldn't be worth it but.....I was so very wrong.

I followed all the steps and installed Skype on my laptop and was impressed at how easy it was.  A friend of mine who also uses Skype called me via the webcam so we could try it out and it worked like a charm!  I just can't get over how cool and easy it is to use! I know it must sound like they have me on their payroll promoting the site but I'm truly impressed with it.  With that being said, I'm worried about running it with Vista.  I've learned even the simplest of programs can either freeze up or crash with Vista so fingers crossed this doesn't happen because I would be super bummed.

Now on to my plan!  I was thinking since my in-laws live in Florida and only see Big Boy but a few times a year, we could get them a webcam for Christmas and set up special times once or twice a week for them to "see" and talk to him.  I think it's a great idea but then again, I'm not sure if my in-laws will even be able to set up the account or the webcam.   I also think it will be fun For BB to be able to see his Nanny and Grandpa(my parents) through the computer.  Even though he sees them just about everyday, I think it would be a fun addition to his bedtime routine for him to say goodnight to them too.  I know they have a webcam, they just need to set it up and I'll be working on that tomorrow.

I'm wondering if the in-laws would think this is a good gift?  I think they will, right?  Anyway, this is my new project and let's all hope it all falls into place and goes smoothly...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Should Be Interesting....

Tomorrow is Big Boys 4 year well check up with the pediatrician.  I used to get extremely over whelmed at the thought of these appointments but I'm actually looking forward to getting this one out of the way.  I have a ton of questions to ask her regarding BB's charming behavior.  I really want to get  her take on the H1N1 vax and if she thinks he should get it and if so...when?  BB also need to get his four year boosters which is such a bummer for him.  lastly, I'm curious whether or not we need to go back to the Specialized Hospital?

 In all seriousness, we do have to discuss what the Pediatrician thinks we should do about the missing coin.  Obviously, we are hoping we missed it and it's long gone but I'm thinking that isn't the case.  From everything I have read, the rule of thumb is after three weeks surgical intervention is required to removed the coin.   This is what his pediatrician has been saying but I honestly think she thought the coin would have been long gone too.  The thought of BB needing an endoscopy scares the daylights out of me but I don't think there are any other options?  I'm also worried the coin could be stuck in his intestines and I'm not even sure what type of procedure that entails.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a pretty busy day and as usual, I just don't want to go to bed.  My mind is racing a mile a minute with questions, I'm worried about handling BB alone tomorrow at both the doctors office and the hospital.  Let's not forget all the other things I've got to squeeze in.  So I guess its time to catch some sleep.  Morning comes super fast and BB has built in radar.  He always know what days to wake before 6am.

Good times.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Every Last Bit

I'm not sure what happened this fall but the weather has been so wonky and out of sorts that when we do get a decent day, we really have to take advantage of every minute.  Usually fall is the most beautiful time of the year here but the rain just won't let up.  Even though the temperatures have been holding steady on the warmer side, it doesn't mater if you can't get outside and enjoy it.

With that being said, a  few weeks ago we had one of those incredible fall days that you wish would never end.   We decided to head up to the beach for a little dinner picnic and  Big Boy had such a great time.  He and Lucy really are the best of friends!  He just adores that dog and she is so good with him.  Every picture we take of the two of then is cuter than the last.   One day I'll have to block out his face and put p the pictures of him riding Lucy like a horse.   That dog really is a saint and speaking of horses......

Big Boy went wild when he saw the horses!.  I always forget that you're able to take your horses on the beach in the off season.  Only about fifteen miles inland  from here there are loads of horse farms.  It's hard to explain other than fifteen miles is a world of difference.  Truthfully, hubby and I have talked about moving inland but........just can't do it.  Even though we're being property taxes out of here, I still don't think we can do it.

I love the pictures of Big Boy and Hubby standing at the water's edge together.  They look like they are having the best conversation ever.   This was just (in my mind anyway) the perfect fall day at the beach.  For the past week or so when I would be having a hard time at work or start stressing over bills or life in general, I would think about this day and immediately mellow out.

Sigh.  Only seven more months until summer.  I really hope we can make it that long.  We don't take fancy vacations, live in a ritzy house or buy expensive cloths.  We are thankful for what we have and we'll take a perfect day at the beach everyday.