Monday, November 2, 2009

Should Be Interesting....

Tomorrow is Big Boys 4 year well check up with the pediatrician.  I used to get extremely over whelmed at the thought of these appointments but I'm actually looking forward to getting this one out of the way.  I have a ton of questions to ask her regarding BB's charming behavior.  I really want to get  her take on the H1N1 vax and if she thinks he should get it and if so...when?  BB also need to get his four year boosters which is such a bummer for him.  lastly, I'm curious whether or not we need to go back to the Specialized Hospital?

 In all seriousness, we do have to discuss what the Pediatrician thinks we should do about the missing coin.  Obviously, we are hoping we missed it and it's long gone but I'm thinking that isn't the case.  From everything I have read, the rule of thumb is after three weeks surgical intervention is required to removed the coin.   This is what his pediatrician has been saying but I honestly think she thought the coin would have been long gone too.  The thought of BB needing an endoscopy scares the daylights out of me but I don't think there are any other options?  I'm also worried the coin could be stuck in his intestines and I'm not even sure what type of procedure that entails.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a pretty busy day and as usual, I just don't want to go to bed.  My mind is racing a mile a minute with questions, I'm worried about handling BB alone tomorrow at both the doctors office and the hospital.  Let's not forget all the other things I've got to squeeze in.  So I guess its time to catch some sleep.  Morning comes super fast and BB has built in radar.  He always know what days to wake before 6am.

Good times.

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Tyler Xaviar said...

Hey, checking in to see how his 4yo checkup went?