Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My poor blog has really taken a back seat lately. Between Big Boy, work and various medical ailments, I don't have much time for anything but I need to recommit myself to at least one post a week.

A dear friend of mine started a blog recently called "Trying to live with Tinnitus." If you have the chance, I strongly recommend checking it out.

Sigh. The thought of going to work tomorrow leaves me feeling physically ill. I haven't posted the new level of pharmacy hell I'm in so I'll have to get on that...soon.


Donna said...

Thanks Girlie! You rock, and are a wonderful friend! I'm sorry things have been crazy, hope big man and little man are doing well!

CherryPinkCat said...

Hey Cheeks! I'm just surfing around Babycenter this morning and wanted to wish you a Happy Summer. I hope you and your family have a fun and relaxing summer.

I'm still around the boards...mostly on PB. The posters there provide lots of mindless entertainment!

Take care, CPC Terri