Friday, June 5, 2009

Heavy Eyes

I've been meaning to update but I think I've run into a few computer issues so all else has been pushed to the back burner lately. For some reason when I was on iTunes the other night, it asked if I wanted to update to the newest big deal. I try to keep current so updating is never an issue. Well for some strange reason, Safari tried to download on my computer and since I don't have a Mac this seems to have caused some issues with my system.

Ugh. I have set a restore point and removed all new updates but my computer is still having these minor freak outs. I've basically been spending my free time at night backing up all of the Family pictures and my photography on flash drives in case the whole thing crashes. I would be beyond devastated if I lost any of Big Boy's pictures. I have three different anti-virus programs running and even though nothing has been located, I just know my computer is infected with something. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

So here I sit at 11:42pm on Friday night (I have already conceited to being a loser) fiddling around with my computer when I know damn well I should be in bed. I'm sure BB will have one of his famously bad nights and I will be kicking myself in the morning. My eye lids feel as though they are twenty pounds each but I refuse to throw in the towel. It's rare the house is ever this peaceful and I want to savor every minute of it. Such is life.

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Schmoochiepoo said...

oh computer issues suck!

you could try moving all your pictures etc to an external hard drive for safety. Our desktop is on it's last legs and it does an automatic back up every night. It helps me sleep. :)

Otherwise all I can think of suggesting is to do a complete system restore to factory setting. IF you do have a virus going back to your restore point may not be enough.

I hope it resloves itself.
Computer issues suck!