Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some Great Music

I know I've been quite the slacker lately when it comes to blogging. The few hours of home time after work seem to be flying by and before I realize it, it's after eleven and time for bed. I have been loitering around YouTube a bit though and have come across some great music. The artists aren't new by any means but I could get in to listening to a lot more of this guy, Josh Ritter. Apparently he has been flying under the radar but had a strong following. His song "Good Man" was used in an episode of House and since hen, he has become pretty popular.

I love watching how genuinely happy he seems...all the time. You can tell by his smile he loves what he does for a living and he just looks like he would be a fun guy to get to know. Definitely some music I'm looking to listen to a lot more of in the future.

This next kid is absolutely one of the most talented musicians I have ever come across. I'm a huge music person and I was completely blown away when I saw this clip. His name is Jake Shimabukuro and what this kid can do with a Ukulele is breathtaking. Being a George Harrison fan, I was intrigued when I saw a link for "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" done on the Ukulele. I couldn't figure out how someone could replicate the string work on a four string instrument? I WAS WRONG. He's been around for sometime but for some reason I never checked him out. I'm thinking it's because I figured the Ukulele wasn't going to hold my interest for too long, know what I mean? Anyway, this clip is a few years old but worth watching over and over. Keep an eye on his hands when he moves into the meat of the song....Amazing!

Enjoy the music!

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