Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Week

I finally took Big Boy to the pediatric ENT on Monday so we could get to the root of the never ending cycle of ear infections and strep throat.   Well. the appointment was Monday and the surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed is a week from today.  Holy fast Batman!  Never once did it cross my mind when we walked in there Monday morning, would we leave with a surgery date being nine days away.

It's been an interesting few weeks to say the least.  In addition to the ENT, Big Boy has started seeing a new Pediatrician.  I just couldn't handle his old Pediatric Group anymore.  The practice was too big and I was tired of seeing a nurse practitioner EVERY SINGLE TIME we went there.  They told me I could see an ENT whenever I wanted and the first time I call for the referral, they gave me a hard time.  SEE YA!   We switched to a new practitioner who has a solo practice which translates to a doctor who will know Big Boy and not try to pass him off on everyone else in the practice.   She is fantastic and we have seen more progress with her in two weeks then the entire amount of time we were with the old practice.

Unfortunately, we have to cancel Big Boys appointment at the Specialized Hospital on the 8th because his surgery is the day before.  This is a real bummer since it takes so long to get an appointment there but like I mentioned earlier, I think the ENT would have removed his tonsils that day if he could have, ya know?  It seems like we are forever at doctor appointments lately but at least we'll get them out of the way before the summer comes.

Lastly, Big Boy is about to age out of the Pre-school Autistic program and at the recommendation of his teacher, we will be MAINSTREAMING him next year!   Yup yup yup, you read that correctly, Big Boy will be mainstreamed for part of kindergarten and will spend the other part of the day receiving speech and occupational therapy.  He's doing so well and  barely qualifies for services at this point but there is no way I will give them up.   The real indicator will be how he fairs in kindy because if I give up his rights to services and he can't handle a mainstream kindy, I'll never get him back in the program and then I just don't know what will happen.

So.....this is what's going on at the beach these days.  Everything revolves around Big Boy ( as usual) and once we get through the surgery next week we will be able to focus on his kindy placement and what  type of curriculum we can build specifically for him.   I think this blog entry may be the longest I've sat down and relaxed in the last week.

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