Sunday, January 3, 2010

What Happened?

Seriously, where the hell did Christmas go?  I feel like we were just leaving the house to head out and pick up a tree and now it's already out in the front yard waiting to become wood chips.  As quick as it comes, it's gone.  I find it bizarre the radio is stuffing Christmas down out throats starting on November 1st, yet at 12:01am on December 26th, every piece of holiday music in the building is locked up tight. 

It's rather sad when you think about it.  All of the money, time and energy we put into to Christmas and it's over in a blink of an eye.  When I was younger, I remember the entire week between Christmas and the New Year being such a great week.  There were still Christmas shows on and you could still hear holiday music on the radio.  What happened?   Sadly, this depresses me.   I cringe when it's time to take down the tree and tuck everything away for another year but to have television and radio completely flip the "holiday off" switch just makes it even worse.

I think everyone would enjoy the holidays a whole heck of a lot more if they took the time to celebrate and enjoy them instead of rushing to get them over with.  Shame, actually.

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