Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Damn....Tagged Again

Let it be known, I will no longer play the tag game. This is the final one. Nothing personal. I've been tagged by Tales from the Beehive. I love her blog, and the recipes are unbelievable!
So here are seven obscure things you probably never wanted to know about me...

1. I never wanted to get married and have kids. I really enjoyed the peter pan syndrome life I was leading. One morning I woke up and I was married and had a kid. I couldn't be happier! My favorite thing to do is lay around in my pajamas on a rainy day and just relax with my boys!

2. I needed a hysterectomy at 33. I was blessed with severe endometriosis and PCOS. My doctor still can't believe I was able to conceive my son. Miracle.

3. I was a cheerleader in high school. I still cringe thinking about that.

4. I have defects in my knees. Long story short, some tendons attached in the wrong place and three knee surgeries later, they still bother me.

5. I have five older brothers. My mother says if she would have had me first, she would have stopped having kids.

6. I can play the clarinet. I can actually play beautifully. I should have went to college for music. Who knows where I would be right now. However, I would not have my husband and son so I am happy with my choice.

7. I married an amazingly talented man. He is an unbelievable carpenter and he also knows how to shape and glass surf boards. Really cool if you ask me.

There you have it. A few things about me you never asked and didn't want to know.


Princess Peaches said...

HA HA!!!! You were a Cheerleader!!!! (yeah, can't point fingers. So was I)


countrywifeliving.com said...

Again, sorry to curse you with The Tag. ;)

But, if you hadn't told us those obscure things about you how would I have known that I have THE SAME FUNKY KNEE PROBLEM?! It's like fate. Crazy knee tendons. I've only had two surgeries though, for now.

countrywifeliving.com said...

PS, ^^^^ that was me, Tales From The Beehive. I just own my own fancy pants domain now.

The Beach Life said...

You know you can tag me anytime;)