Friday, September 12, 2008

The Symbol of Hope

During a time when our county was overcome by grief, fear and anger, a symbol was found in the rubble of the World Trade Center. A cross.

The cross has brought peace and comfort to many who have visited ground zero, many who were never able to bury the remains of the loved one they lost. I may be in the minority in this but I think about that day often. For months after Sept. 11, I was like a scared puppy. I hated coming home from work late because I didn't want to be alone in case something else happened. However, when I read the story of the cross, I felt comforted, not just for me but everyone.

I hope to visit Ground Zero when the cross is brought back and placed within the memorial permanently.

I found this poem earlier, written about that day and it is so overwhelming because now that I am a Mother, I feel so terrible for all the children who lost a parent on that morning.

SPECIAL GARDEN (A Child cry to his Daddy)

In my garden, I will plant some of Daddy's things

The hat he wears for his favorite baseball team.

His special notes he wrote to me.

His favorite songs he likes to sing.

His special collect cars he bought last spring.

His favorite tie that has grease stains.

His favorite fishing pole, even though he has never caught anything.

And I'm going to plant some of my tears, these come from me.

Every night before I go to sleep,

will go out to my special garden and pray over Daddy's things.

(c)copyright Natasha Flowers 2002

I guess what I am trying to say is, though I didn't lose anyone that day, I hope the Cross will give those who did comfort, in knowing their loved one is with God.


Nomers said...

I had never heard about the cross being found at ground zero until now. I'm glad that will be now displayed at the museum.

The Beach Life said...

Isn't it amazing. In the middle of all that hell...there was a cross.