Sunday, September 28, 2008

Neener, Neener Neener!

Yesterday as I was getting ready to leave for the wedding, my phone rings. It was the manager where I work telling me she had been informed by the "tech nazi" I was supposed to be working. I knew damn well I was scheduled off yesterday and I explained to her I had a family obligation and was not working. Now I received this phone call at 1:30pm. Apparently, I was supposed to be at work by 9am. So, the TN waited four and a half hours to tell someone I was a no show? What is she up to?

At this point I am fuming and also worried about my job. I left a message with the lead tech, who is awesome by the way, and explained what was going on. There was no way I was going to let TN ruin my night. Luckily, I received a text message and apparently the second coming was reading the wrong schedule!!! Ha! I know she was hoping to get me in trouble and it backfired! Also, she will be away for the next few weeks so I don't have to deal with her.

Lesson of the day....Try reading the correct schedule before attempting to be a bitch!

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Jeni said...

Nothing better then someone who is trying to make you look bad comes across look bad themselves!