Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Love A Productive Day!

I never thought we would accomplish so much this weekend but we did! Hubby and I both had to work yesterday and as usual it was raining all day so there was another day we couldn't get in the yard for the fall clean up. I did manage to deep clean a few rooms in the house last night. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner I figure it's time to get going on some of these projects.

Today was a day to be proud of. There is always the usual list of chores to do. First we go grocery shopping and then all the bed linens are changed. All of the laundry in the house was washed and put away along with all the hand towels and bath mats. I know, pretty unbelievable! Next, it was time to tackle the yard. Compliments of a low that had been sitting off the coast for almost a week, the yard was a mess. The front yard wasn't too bad and hubby actually got that done while I was grocery shopping with Big Boy. The backyard on the other hand was a disaster area because the leaves were still wet and one side of the yard is rocks so the leaves kept sticking to them. Hubby let me play with the leaf blower! Then I got my scarf caught up in it and Hubby took it away. I did see one of the coolest things though. When we blew the leaves off the pool cover, they left these beautiful prints behind. Naturally, I had to grab my camera and Hubby though I was a weirdo taking pictures of the "dirty" pool cover. Did I mention BB ran across the pool cover? Yeah, good times. Thank goodness for the safety cover.

Big Boy was in heaven playing outside all day and I am in heaven right now because he was so worn out he went to bed nice and early. After the leaves we came in the house and gave BB a haircut, which he does not like what so ever. I then cleaned a bit more and cooked an awesome lamb chop dinner. Yummy! Now I am going to watch some TV with Hubby and possibly call it a day.

What a great weekend!

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Megan said...

We are in the process of moving and discovered a leaf blower in the new garage--I am itching to try it out but everything is too wet right now. I'll definitely skip wearing a scarf when I finally take it for a spin!