Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Checklist

I'm going grocery shopping on Sunday so I had better get around to buying the dinner, don't you think? So this is what I think I'll be making:
*Turkey-goes without saying
*Stuffing & pork for the stuffing-we dig the pig in this house
*Mashed Potatoes
*Candied Sweet Potatoes-Mmmmm
*Mashed Turnips-So yummy!
*Dinner Rolls
*Green Bean Casserole-My brother brought this every year until he passed away. I think I'm
the only one who like it but it just isn't Thanksgiving without it.
*Another Veggie-I think I'll ditch the asparagus this year and go with broccoli with Cheese
sauce. My mom will be here and she makes it the best!
*We need some hor dourves-maybe cheese & crackers and some shrimp cocktail
*Homemade pies-My favorite part. I'm thinking apple, pumpkin & cherry. Maybe some
biscotti and cookies too.
*Eggnog with Rum-VERY IMPORTANT
Now I need to go get everything. I love that all the holiday meals are at my house now. Big Boy does so much better here at home and I just love to cook and bake so it works out for everyone!

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Carmen Rae said...

YUMMMMMMMM...I'm coming to YOUR house for dinner!! :) I actually enjoy cooking too. It's just so much easier keeping the kids at home and having everyone invade us. Plus it's an excuse to clean! :) Oh, and Tom's River is about an hour east of me. So, not far at all!