Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Beauty

A friend of mine asked me if I could take some pictures of where she grew up. The town is only about ten minutes up the road from me and the pictures really are beautiful. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that places like this still exist. The world is so crazy now (and getting crazier by the day) that you need to stop and really enjoy the details.

This time of year really brings out the typical "sleepy beach town" feeling to the area. The beach is dotted with fishermen hoping to catch the big one and since there is always a brisk wind, it's perfect kite flying weather.

Hubby likes to talk about moving but I don't think he could do it. I really don't think there is anywhere else I would want to raise Big Boy. Hopefully, our property taxes won't push us out of here and all major storms decide to turn out into the ocean.

This will always be my favorite time of year. Everything seems so calm after a hectic summer. I hope Big Boy will appreciate the beauty in all this one day.


Heather said...


Princess Peaches said...

OMG. There was a time that even Myrtle Beach looked like that, but it's been so commercialized now.

It's good to know that there are still places like this.

Noob Mommy said...

wow...love these photos. did you take them yourself? just makes me want to take a vacay!

Jen, Preston and Maren said...

What a beautiful pic! I really like it since we have snow on the ground here!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!! Where are they taken? Or did I miss it?

The Beach Life said...

Jen...These were taken in Normandy Beach, NJ!