Thursday, January 29, 2009

But Of Course, Perfect Timing

Big Boy strikes again. Tomorrow is mine and Hubby's five year wedding anniversary. Our original plans were to go to the city for the day and catch a matinee on Broadway. I had no idea there were no Friday afternoon shows. The next plan was to go and maybe hit the Museum of Natural History and then wander on down to the village for some Friday happy hour. Damn! That would have been fun. Alas, foiled again. Eventually, we decided to save our money( which we really didn't have to begin with but just wanted a fun day to ourselves) and work on our home projects.

A few weeks ago we found mold in the bathroom. After further inspection we realized we had to take off the wall paper, caulk the tub and pull up the floor. Good times. Right now my bathroom looks like a nuclear holocaust. The floor is pulled up, the sink is gone and all the wall paper has been steamed off. Obviously, we need a bathroom so this isn't a long term project. We decided after I dropped BB off at school, Hubby would work in the bathroom and I would try to deep clean at least two rooms and get some stuff boxed up and off to the post office. I have some some things of BB's from when he was an infant that at would like to ship out to a friend but seriously can't find the time to do it. Around one or two, we would head over to Lowe's and look at some new fixtures and pick paint samples and then go grab some lunch and relax. My sister in law is going to pick BB up from my Mom's after school and everything was set...

Guess who has a fever and a cough?

Wait for it....

BIG BOY! Perfect timing as usual. So depending on how he feels in the morning, it looks like all plans are canceled. I figure he'll probably get worse overnight which means we'll be at the Pediatrician in the morning. Of course after the Pediatrician, we have to stop at Toys R Us. Call it creative parenting, bad parenting, call it whatever the hell you want but by about noon tomorrow we'll all have cabin fever and be at each others throat so I think a new toy may be in order.

So right now everything is on hold depending on how BB feels in the morning. Unless he has a fever, is throwing up or has green snot coming out of his nose, he is going to school. I say that now but all he has to so is give me those sad sickly puppy dog eyes and he won't be going anywhere. Can't he put it on hold until Saturday? He can be sick all he wants over the weekend. He can even puke on me if he wants. Please don't be sick tomorrow!

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Princess Peaches said...

You're a pushover. Just like me when it comes to those big eyes. Little Princess sometimes even gets "wellness days" to spend time at home laying in bed with me.