Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Give Up

I have been trying to add a third column to this blog for months now. I finally found a great site which was so easy to follow and viola! I had a third column. After that I made my way to TCBOTB and guess what? Server problems. So, my plans for a third column had to be put on hold. I checked today and the site is back up. After making all the adjustments to the html and changing the background, wouldn't you know it, it looked terrible. Nothing seemed to fit right and it was all smooshed together. UGH!

It just kills me to have all that extra space over there. I have two different blog lists I want to add but I'm afraid they'll get lost in the right column if I put them there. I guess I'll have to try it and see what happen. Anyone have ideas?


Aimee said...

TCBOTB makes three column layouts too. There aren't as many as the regular ones, but they do have a few. You just have to look for one that says 3_column in the name. That's where I get all my three column backgrounds.

The Beach Life said...

I tried those and it just maid everything look real squished. I guess I don't need a third column, I just really like the idea of one, kwim?

BTW...the picture you use is beyond adorable!

The Beach Life said...

made = maid. I guess that's my sub-conscious telling me to clean my house.