Monday, January 26, 2009

Of All Days

Just a minor snow vent. I have to drive down to Margate on Wednesday to finish up some work stuff. It's about an hour and a half drive. Not that bad. I really want to go and get it over with and of course, we have a winter storm watch scheduled for tomorrow into Wednesday. Normally, I would be jumping up and down with excitement. Why is it, it has to snow on a day I really have to go somewhere. Mind you, if it does snow and Big Boy has no school, we will have a super fun day snow day but I did want to get this Margate stuff over with. My next raise depends on it and Lord knows we could use the extra cash.

Ah, I'm not going to stress over it and I'm certainly not going to drive and hour and a half on the parkway in the snow. Now, the weatherman is predicting that it's supposed to turn to sleet and rain sometime early Wednesday morning and they add about an inch of ice on top of that. This bums me out. I love the snow but driving in ice scares the heck out of me considering my Explorer needs new tires. Well, all I can do is wait and see. Big Boy would be so excited if we had a decent snowfall. In the past three years, it really hasn't snowed enough for him to fully understand just how much fun it is to play in.

So...the heck with Margate and let's all pray for some snow!


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a better snow day then we had!! It snowed through the night but was sleeting and raining by the time I left for work this morning. Josie was left to look out the window and imagine the snowman she wanted to make :(

Hope all is well. (((((HUGS))))))

Princess Peaches said...

That picture is beautiful! I have never seen snow on a beach before. My southern butt didn't know that could happen.

heathernkids said...

That picture is so awesome!!