Monday, May 18, 2009

What Is So Funny Boys?

I'll start by saying I am glad I finally caved and allowed hubby to bring the camera to the Yankee game with him on Saturday. It isn't that I didn't trust him, I was just worried that he would out it down somewhere while grabbing a beer of leave it under his seat. Considering it's a Canon Rebel, I have every right to be paranoid about the damn thing. Anyway, the camera made it home in one piece and the shots he was able to get are UNBELIEVABLE. Of course my digital editing program won't allow me to zoom in as close as I would like but I really can't complain.

I would love to know what these three knuckle heads found so funny?

Like I said, I can't zoom in close enough to get the full effect. Johnny Damon(right), may I say you look so much better in pin stripes than you ever did when you were part of the Red Sox Idiot Crew. It's amazing what a hair cut, shave and attitude adjustment can do for a players likability.

As always, thee are no words to describe the awesomeness that is Derek Jeter. By far, one of the greatest baseball players...EVER. I can even get past the whole Mariah Carey fiasco. I do have to ask though, what the hell were you thinking with that train wreck. Yikes.

I have so many more pictures, even better ones but I simply can't choose. I'll leave you with this last one. The yanks seem to be on the past few nights. They have also been treating each win like it's the World Series, which is fantastic. There is nothing better than seeing a team celebrate like every game is the big game.

Ah yes, I forgot to add my moron husband was given a $100 citation for jumping a subway turnstile after the game. He claims he didn't. Either way he gets the asshat of the day award.

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Nomers said...

I love me some Yankees! The only way I can see the Yankees play is when they play the A's and I can't stand going to that stadium.