Sunday, May 3, 2009

Light A Candle, Say A Prayer

It's been two years. Two years ago today, my oldest brother lost his battle to a cancer that he had been fighting for ten years. I wasn't sure how I would feel today. I think more than anything I feel overwhelmed. I look at Big Boy and I'm sad he will never get to know his Uncle Kenny. I think of my mother and only now, after being a mother myself, can I imagine how she feels yet, I pray I never know exactly how she feels. I have four other brothers who I'm sure, are all dealing with this in their own private way, trying to be strong for their own children. I want to call my sister in law and my niece but I'm sure they want to be left alone. I know they are still trying to pick up the pieces. Even two years later.

I have a difficult time expressing my feelings so when I came across a website which allows you to light a candle for someone you may have lost in your life or simply for someone you love who may be in the need of a prayer, I began doing just that. Unfortunately, I don't get to church nearly as often as I should and this allows me to light a candle and pray for someone in my won way, as weird as it may be. If you would like to light a candle for Kenny, you can search the group under the initials KH.

Thymic Cancer is such a rare cancer, many people have never even heard of it. I doctor friend of mine even told me my brother was the only case he had ever heard of in his thirty plus years of practicing medicine. This is a great site if you would like to learn more or make a donation to Thymic Cancer Research.

We all love and miss you very much Kenny.

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