Friday, August 22, 2008


Wow! One of the TV stations has been airing the jaws movies all week so, I've been watching. Ironic since fisherman have spotted great whites off the coast of Jersey. Anyway, the original Jaws was and always will be fantastic. Truly, one of best movies ever filmed. Action, suspense and gore. Everything a movie should have. Jaws 2, was not near as good as the first, but I felt it was able to hold its own and still had that classic "beachy" movie feel to it.

Next we have Jaws 3 in 3D. Holy worst movie ever made batman! I have not laughed so hard at a movie (that was not intended to be a comedy) in years. I never realized Lea Thompson was in this movie either. Seriously, the best part was when the shark attacked her and was chewing on her leg. I actually yelled out, "Now there ya go, now we've got a movie!" There is a scene where two scuba divers are jumping in a lagoon and they jump into about one foot of water. The camera work is so bad, you actually see them hunched over...CLASSIC!

Now for the best part. The movie was made for 3D, so the real dramatic scenes have that cheesy, exaggerated appearance to them. Oh, and did I mention that when they show the shark, it growls like a lion. Too funny. I have got to get myself a pair of 3D glasses and watch this flick again. Fine family entertainment. I give it two thumbs up as the worst, yet funniest movie ever.

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