Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh! He's so cute!

Well appearances can be deceiving. In the past forty eight hours, boy has managed to:

1. Destroy the keyboard on my laptop. At least twenty five keys were popped off. I am now using a desk top keyboard until I can find the time to drop it off and be fixed. At least I can hope it can be fixed. My mother says she knows a guy..... You know how that goes.

2. Hosed down the entire kitchen floor with the hose from the sink.

3. Slammed my finger, which may or may not be broken. The jury is still out but it hurts like

4. Somehow, put a small chip in the ceramic tile in my kitchen. At least I "think" it was him unless hubby is passing the buck.

5. Officially lost the backs to every remote in the house.

6. Tried to flush JoJo from "JoJo's Circus" down the toilet.

Now, he has been sick for the past two days, running a high fever and everything. Of course, I have to go back to work tomorrow and guess who feels awful today? Me! Actually, I think work will be a vacation for me.

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Nomers said...

I know the feeling...we are still trying to find the backs to all the remotes that Diva has gotten a hold of. Aren't they just precious =P. I hope you feel better!