Thursday, February 5, 2009


Do you hear that? Ahhhh, blissful silence. I may have jinxed myself but right now, I do not care. The house is eerily silent and I love it. Honestly, I don't know whether I am coming or going lately.

Big Boy has been so full of energy since he is feeling better. There is no down time. I never thought I would say this but I wish he would watch a little television. Maybe just an hours worth of Sesame Street or something. I can't even get him to watch a twenty minute episode of JoJo's Circus anymore. I guess I sound pretty selfish wishing my kid would watch some TV but I really need a break. The weather has been really cold too, and since he was sick recently I won't take him out to play and that has sent him in to a tizzy. If it weren't for school, I think I would be on suicide watch, joking. Work has been alright just extremely busy. I really don't want to gripe about work because well, it's work. I have to work so there is no sense bellyaching about it.

Did I mention we are working on the bathroom. We found some mold in there and that sent Hubby off the deep end so before I knew it, he ad the entire floor pulled up and steamed all the wallpaper off. He is doing all the work himself because we just can't afford to hire someone to come in and do it. He likes it though. We are using the same sink, toilet and bathtub because there is nothing wrong with them and replacing those alone would have tacked on another grand to the bill. Luckily though, we have been able to stay below five hundred dollars so far. I'm thinking maybe Saturday I'll go and pick out some paint and buy a few new things for in there. I'm really excited about it. Hubby laid and grouted the new tile last week and it looks great. A friend of ours who is a painter is going to come by Saturday to spackle the walls. Thank goodness for friends because he's doing it for free! Once the bathroom is finished I'll put up some pictures.

I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day and I have to head out early to my knee doctor before I even go to work. That's another story I'll save for later.

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The Quiet One said...

I will come paint your bathroom. I will also do any caulking that you need. For some reason I love doing that stuff.