Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is This Your First Day As An Adult?

I think this country has gotten by on blind luck, I really do. I can't get over how lazy people are. I'm a pharmacy technician and I spend all day dealing with the public. I fight with insurance companies, call doctor's offices and handle customer problems. It is a very busy day. From the minute I walk in to the minute I leave, I don't stop. I don't even take a break because there is just too much to do. It's alright though, for the most part I really like my job and the day goes by so fast, I'm on my way home before I know it.

I go have a few rants I need to get off my chest though. I know when I need a refill on my medication, I call my doctor and let the office know. They either call it in or I pick it up at the office. Easy. Why on earth do people think it is my responsibility to call YOUR doctor for YOUR medication. I never in a million years knew people were so lazy that they had the pharmacy techs calling for their refills. Of course, heaven forbid the doctor doesn't call back of denies the request! They will stand there and yell at me like it's my fault they are without their medication. I don't know? These are just a few rants I need to get off my chest.

Here's another PSA...if you are waiting for your prescription, please don't drop it off at the drop off area and walk IMMEDIATLY over to pick up and ask if your prescription is ready. Are you serious! How the hell am I supposed to fill your script in the thirty seconds you asshat! Oh, and asking me every three minutes if it's ready will not help your cause.

Finally, yes that is your copay, yes I ran it through your insurance and yes this is the same amount you have been paying every month. Why must you ask me the same questions every month. I have many more but I'm too tired to think of them. Wish me luck.


Piperi Family said...

I have lived through a job like this. people really are that stupid!

and that is the pumpkin patch we went to as well!!! too funny! It must be the only one in the area?

Princess Peaches said...

I am sorry! In my state, we HAVE to call the pharmacy for refills, not the doctors office. I don't know why it's like this, but by law now, it's the pharmacists job to call our Dr.s office.

Stupid right? Ticked me off when it changed. Super annoying. For the Pharamcy techs especially.

The Beach Life said...

I didn't realize it was different in different states. I knew distributing the drugs is different. I have no problem doing it for some people, especially those who honestly didn't realize they were out of refills. Hell,if it happens on a Friday I'll even give them a few pills to get them through the weekend. I find it is the same people EVERY month because they don't want to go to the doctor so they expect us to deal with it.

Oh well.