Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yummy Delicious Cream Cheese Pie...

This is one of those recipes that has been floating around for years. I think it was found on the underside of a cool whip container. I remember having it as a kid. It is so good and extremely easy too. I call it a lazy pie because there isn't even baking involved.

1 Graham cracker pie crust
2 tsp Vanilla
8 oz Cream cheese, softened
8 oz Whipped topping, frozen
1/3 c Sugar
1 c Sour cream

Beat cream cheese until smooth, gradually beat in sugar. Mix in sour cream and vanilla and slowly fold in whipped topping. Blending well. Spoon into pie crust and chill until set, at least 4 hours. You can top this pie with just about anything. I usually use blueberries of raspberries. I'm sure strawberries are delicious too but I would rather not go to the emergency room afterwards so....I leave them off. Enjoy!

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Tempest Mom said...

Is it really REALLY good?? I've never seen that before, but would love to make it this weekend!