Monday, September 7, 2009


Unless you have ever worked in customer service, you may not find this blog nearly as funny as I do.  It's called "The Customer Is Not Always Right."   Sadly, people really are this dumb.  I can't tell you how many idiotic questions I'm asked each day.  Of course being in the field I'm in, my favorite is "What would happen if I took this entire bottle?"  Do you know how badly I want to tell the next person who asks me, " I don't know.  Why don't you try it, I hear rainbows and puppies will shoot out your ass."  Instead I have to reply with "Um, You'll die."  Yeah, people really are this dense.  I don't know how most people make it out their front door.

Either way, if you work in any type of customer service....this is your kind of blog.  



Princess Peaches said...

People are morons.

The Quiet One said...

LMAO I can relate to several of those. Idiots some times make me miss CS