Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All Good Things Must Come To An End

This is a shameless vent but it really has me down. My pool temperature has dropped nearly fifteen degrees in four days. Do you have any idea how bad this is for me? I don't think you do. Friday afternoon it was a toasty 85 degrees. Perfect in my opinion. Now...struggling to stay above 68-70 degrees.

Yeah, I know I'm being petty and selfish but I'm just not ready to throw in the towel. Big Boy loves the pool so much and to be honest, it really wears him out (which is good for me). Since he has never been the best sleeper, the pool really helps everyone get a good nights rest. Obviously, if this is my biggest complaint of the day, I should thank heavens for all that I have but for some reason I'm thrown off by the summer ending this year. Usually, I've got my fall clothes out and itching to break out the uggs but I feel like summer just started, at least weather wise. Maybe it's because this was the summer that "never was." It rained most of May and June. July and August were nice but I don't think the temps ever broke one hundred which is odd and there weren't any significant heat waves. Very strange.

Give me a few days. By this time next week I'll be jumping out of my skin thinking about the pumpkin patch and apple picking. I guess I'm bummed because I just love swimming with BB and watching how great he is doing and I know he isn't going to understand why we have to close it. I won't leave it open for longer than a week or two once the temp goes below seventy, just isn't worth it. Such is life.

This is my useless ramble for the day. Thanks for listening.

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Irish said...

We've got some lower temps too. I'm ready for fall and yet not ready to give summer up.