Friday, October 9, 2009

Why Am I Not Surprised

After years or searching and trying new products, I've finally found face products I really love.  When it comes to washing my face, I have always been a traditional Noxzema girl.  It works and I've never had a problem with my complexion.  In all honestly, I'm not twenty anymore and thought it was time to change up my routine and since I quit smoking, I wanted to try an exfoliator.  I know it sounds crazy but I'm still trying to scrub off twenty years of cigarettes.  Yuck.

I recently started using Vickery & Clarke products from CVS.  I love this line.  My skin has been a bit "off" lately and I blame it on the summer (have to blame it on something).  I bought the facial scrub and was shocked at the results.  Even Hubby said my skin had a real glow to it.  Well, after compliments like that I bought the facial moisturizer in both dry & oily skin because the ocean water and sun were leaving my face looking a bit blotchy.  LOVED THEM!!!  After that, I bought the lip gloss and a few other products from the line.  I was sold.  I haven't been this happy with a product in a long time and I swear I look younger.

Guess what?  Wait for it......DISCONTINUED.  Yes you read it correctly, The entire Vickery and Clarke line has been discontinued and I'm besides myself.  I know it's not a big deal and if this is my biggest problem of the day I have a sweet life but I'm pretty bummed.  I remember when I was younger, I would go and buy all different types of beauty products and loved using each and everyone of them.  Now I'm lucky if I have time for a quick five minute shower a day.   I just laugh at the whole scenario.   I have been really stressed lately and quite a few people have been telling me I need to take a few minutes at night just for me and I would be amazed at what a difference it would make.  How right they were!  So in a nutshell....if you see and Vickery & Clarke products anywhere be sure to let me know.  I'm literally going to buy out all the remaining V&C stock.

There was something else I wanted to bellyache about but I just can't seem to remember at the moment...

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