Sunday, March 1, 2009

Holy Snowstorm Batman!

I am truly shocked at how much snow is being dumped on the coast right now. We never see snow like this anymore. It's a little weird how the weather works here. The ocean plays such a large role in the forecast that it could be dumping heavy snow maybe 5 miles inland and yet all we'll usually get is rain. Not this time. It's coming down hard and isn't expected to stop for at least another twelve hours!

Hopefully hubby and I will be able to keep Big Boy entertained all day, as if the world doesn't revolve around him to begin with. I have a few activities planned I just hope it's enough. If only he was old enough to understand how awesome it is to sit around and watch movies in your pajamas all day when the weather is bad. He has to inherit that trait, right? I hope so or we are going to have some tough times ahead. Actually, pre-kid, snow days were the best days to go out bar hopping, safe I know. Every bar, if they were open, would be packed. Everyone walked there and it was so much fun! Even though I rarely drink now, I would love to head out tomorrow.

Doesn't matter though. We have big plans to builld snowmen, bake cupcakes and drink hot cocoa (mine will have baileys). Happy snow day!

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