Saturday, March 7, 2009

Party At The White House!

I will start off by saying I really don't know how much "truth" there is to this article. I tried to research it on Snopes but wasn't able to find anything.

Apparently, The Obama's are quite the party animals. The White House appears to be the new Washington D.C. hot spot but just how much of our tax dollars are going towards these fiestas? I would love to find out. Obviously they have to entertain, that goes without saying but how much is too much? This is an extremely interesting article on the subject but like I said earlier, I wasn't able to find anything on Snopes so I have no idea how much validity it has. I'm wondering if there is a way to research which first Family has held the most "social gatherings" if you will, at the White House?

It does annoy me that Obama feels he needs to bring the outside to him since he is unable to move freely about his way. News Flash! You wanted to be President of this country therefore you need to except every aspect of the lifestyle that comes with it, both the good and the bad. Something tells me though, he will continue to do as he damn well pleases all at the expense of the average hardworking American.

You know what...I'm going to put this on the back burner for a bit and come back to it after I've done a bit more research on it. This entire story has me very intrigued....

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