Monday, March 9, 2009

Since I Am Obsessed...

With the Twilight series, I tend to get really excited when I come across something new. I found this to be interesting. It's a few clips from the extended scenes in Twilight.

I'm definitely a little depressed I finished reading all of the books so quickly. I honestly couldn't put them down. Of course once I finished I had to dig further in to the mystery of Midnight Sun and I found a few sites which had the first 264 pages of the rough draft. IT IS FANTASTIC! It really is so interesting to move into Edward's mind and see everything from his point of view. I highly recommend giving this a read if you haven't already done so!

I did like reading that she plans on finishing Midnight Sun. After all. She would be crazy not to. All four of the books could be re-written from Edward's mind and would probably sell just as many as the first four if not more. Genius.

**I know this is old news but it's new to me**

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Nomers said...

Meyer's would be stupid not to finish Midnight Sun.