Wednesday, December 10, 2008

C'mon Michelle!

I don't think it was just me but this season of the Biggest Loser was almost painful to watch at times. The blue team was so nasty it made me want to throw things at the television a few times. So last night I was so happy to see that the lone member of the black team, Michelle, secured herself a spot in the finale next week! I have been saying all season that I thought she was going to win the whole thing. In the begininning she just flew under the radar and did her own thing and no one really noticed her until it was to late. Ha Ha!

This is one of the few shows I watch and I am seriously a Biggest Loser junkie. I am so excited on Tuesday nights! Maybe that is why I was disappointed in the way some of the contestants behaved this season. This was one of the shows that you actually felt good about watching. These people are working their butts of and really trying to do something to help themselves and their family. One by one all of the contestants I liked started getting picked off. First went Amy and the Phil. I just loved this couple and I really wish Phil would have smacked Huba Heba right upside her head. Colleen was then booted because the other Amy was trying to impress the blue team and Trainer Bob and then she was booted off the following week. Good. Finally, Renee was voted out. She was one hell of a player throughout the entire season and I was really happy to see that her and Michelle were able to rebuild their relationship.

Anyway, I just hope that Michelle can pull it out in the finale next week. I don't think Vicki deserves to win. She is an ugly soul with a real mean streak. As for Ed & Heba....there are no words. Go Michelle!

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Jen said...

I hope Michelle wins it all too!! I can't stand Heba and Ed. Heba especially. Did you vote on which one to keep? I voted to keep Ed b/c of how much I don't like Heba!!