Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Perfect Grocery Store

The thought of having to go grocery shopping makes me sick to my stomach and not because of the prices. The thought of how many times I get the stink eye from other shoppers because Big Boy is making a scene just makes me never want to go into another grocery store again.

I guess I'm a grocery snob though. I don't much care for the A&P on the island because they jack the prices up and the meat is never fresh. The place really needs to go. Now, should I venture over the bridge, there are quite a few to choose from but each one has it's faults. The Foodtown has great mean but the store feels like I just walked into a time warp. It is so old and outdated that it's just creepy. Also, for the life of me I just can't figure out the greenpoints. I buy something because it's on sale and then when I go to checkout, I find out I need 8 million more greenpoints to get the dollar off. No Thanks. Ah... the Stop & Shop. Just gorgeous. Newly renovated, clean...perfect. Not really, the people there are lazy and always have an attitude and the prices are really marked up. Besides, they don't have the cool shopping carts. Finally, we come to the tried and true Shop Rite. Great store, great prices and everything is always fresh. That's the problem. The place is forever packed. I actually stopped going there for about two years and just recently went back. I think I have figured out the secret though....about 8pm Friday night ot 8am Saturday morning. If I Can keep to those two times, I should be able to get in and out with no problem. The big bonus..........they have the fun fire truck carts which allows me to shop in peace and keeps BB amused the entire time!

I know my grocery shopping problems probably seem petty but it's actually one of the few things that really stress me out. Ah, I guess I'll live.


Anonymous said...

You need to get your hubby to do the shoping! LOL it worked for me.

The Beach Life said...

Quit stalking my blog you crazy old woman!

(just kidding)