Friday, December 19, 2008

The Kindness Of Strangers

I know this person will never read this but...I wanted to thank the good Samaritan who found my debit card in front of the post office earlier today and brought it inside. Thank you.

I guess it fell out of my pocket when I was getting in to my truck and the lady at the post office said I wasn't even gone three minutes when a man said he found it outside in a puddle. I was on my way to the mall and as soon as I got over the bridge my fuel light came on so I figured I needed gas. Thank goodness because I would have gotten all the way to the mall and would have had to leave. Also, I'm so lucky I had cash on me at the gas station. I never carry cash and for some reason when I was at the bank earlier I though maybe I should grab a few bucks "just in case." Weird, huh?

It has been an interesting day all around. We are officially ready for Christmas. I am so happy I don't have to do anymore running around! While I was in the bookstore today, I was checking out a book for Big Boy. It was a learn your shapes book with a magna doodle thing on top so he could practice drawing. Well, there was a grandma type lady looking with me and I went to grab the Winnie the Pooh one and of course, she said "Ooooh, do you see anymore, my granddaughter would love that I let her have it. Then I went for the Cars one...well wouldn't you know it! Her grandson would just love that one too! Finally, I grabbed the Finding Nemo one and before she could even open her trap I just ignored her and walked away. Sorry lady! What the hell? Is she the Duggar grandmother?

I am finally home and tucked away in my warm house. It's puring rain out and I am so happy I don't have to go anywhere else!


Samantha said...

Glad you got your debit card back!

~Emily~ said...

I'm glad you got your debit card back!! There are good people in the world still!