Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tomorrow is a Big Day

Big Boy is starting school tomorrow. I think I'm still in shock. He seems so little to be going off to school. He's only three. Since he has such a severe speech delay he will be going to the pre-school program through our school system. I went out last week and bought him all new school clothes and earlier we stopped of at Target and I picked him out a new lunch box and backpack.

I know he is going to be just fine but I can't say the same for myself. Hubby took the day off work tomorrow and we will be driving him to school together. We decided ti wait and go grocery shopping and finish up some errand after we drop him off in the morning. My plan is to stay as busy as possible in hopes the time will just fly by and it will be time for him to come home. He will be taking the school bus to my Mom's house after school since she lives in the same school district there is no problem with the arrangements I have made. The school even went out last week and bought him his very own car seat for the school bus.

I can't wait to see his face tomorrow when the bus pulls up and we are all waiting for him. I'm still debating on bringing Lucy with us, I just don't want her to steal the thunder! I still have a lot to do today so I guess I should get to it. I am just so nervous for him. I know in my heart he is going to love it and it really is the absolute best thing for him but....he's my baby.


Miss V. said...

How exciting! And bittersweet at the same time!

I hope time away goes quickly and you dont miss him *too much*!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should keep the dog at home!

The Beach Life said...

MOM^^^is that you!


Tempest Mom said...

LMFAO Cheeky!!! ^^^

Yu about make me cry with you woman!! You're ripping me apart with your anxiety! And I thought *I* was bad!! LOL I'm so eager to hear all about how this goes tomorrow, so I hope you will share it right away! Well, as soon as you can anyway!!

Do you already have what he is going to wear all picked out? Are you packing his lunch or is he buying it there? If packing, what are you making him??

Miss V. said...

so how was it?!